Who’s on Deck?

Who’s on Deck? is free confirmation curriculum for anyone to use. There are two others that a team of people have put together: Cafeteria Confirmation and Tell Me a Story! Check it out:

Who’s on Deck Background: People love sports. Just go to any YMCA, and you will find swimmers, weight lifters, basket ball players, and yoga enthusiats. From sports, we learn about ourselves. How tough we are, our natural grit, and how to connect the rules of a sport to every day life. In this curriculum, “Who’s on Deck?” we will lean into what it takes to play and how that sport connects with Jesus.

(Design Credit to Cindy Fritz and Peter Horn)

What does each session have to offer? Since it is sort of Covid, we wanted to create material that can be used online or in-person, or simple enough for a parent to use. Each session connects a sport to a story about Jesus, a leader guide a video link, Bible story, games, questions, and a parent sheet

Football: We are not meant to be alone. Jesus calls us into community. Each of us has a part and a job to do to support the community and be a helpful member. Football is paired with John 17:20-24. Written by Cindy Fritz and Peter Horn of Grace Lutheran Church, State College, PA.

Baseball: Sometimes we strike out. It’s hard to fail at things that we’re supposed to be good at. People get disappointed with us and we can feel like we’re letting the team down. Everytime we step up to bat we have another opportunity to hit one out of the park. It’s only with practice and perseverance that we’ll learn how to follow Christ. Baseball is paired with Matthew 17:14-20. Written by Pastor Tanner Howard of All Saints Lutheran Church, Cottage Grove, MN.

Swimming: No one likes gossip. It’s slanderous, mean, and often not true. So why do we do it? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Swimming helps only hear our own thoughts. Under water, the gossip disappears. We concentrate on what is important, breath and movement. It’s there we can focus on Jesus. Swimming paired with Matthew 12:31-36. Written by Pastor Heather Roth Johnson of Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN.

Yoga: In yoga, we stretch our bodies, center ourselves, and breathe in life – of the Holy Spirit kind. When we do this, we can put aside anxiety and fear knowing the Holy Spirit is with each of us. It’s there we can be at peace with the world. Yoga is paired with John 20:19-23. Written by Deacon Korra Looschen of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Greeley, CO.

Soccer: Soccer is a team sport. To play a soccer match and to score a goal, the team must work together to drive the bowl down the field, passing back and forth with one another, and to set someone up for the goal. Soccer is not a lone sport. Just like dribbling the bowl or scoring a goal, teamwork is a skill that has to be practiced. Soccer is paired with Mark 6:7-13. Written by Andrea Keene.

Volleyball: The Trinity (bump, set, spike) helps us through daily life. God the Creator gave Jesus the Savior to send us the Holy Spirit as our Sustainer, or what I like to call our Advocate! Volleyball is paired with John 14:17-20. Written by Briana Iverson of Zion Lutheran Church, Galesville, WI. (Link pending)

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