Speak?! And say what? Well…

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…my years in church work have been split between being a missionary in Madagascar and in children, youth, and family ministry. What I have learned over the last 20 years is that no matter where you live – Mahajanga or Minnesota – my story, your story, our story is part of God’s ongoing story. This realization of “God’s story is our story” prompted me to interview hundreds of people in the last five years. My questions varied as well as did my participants but I came to one final conclusion: People deep down long to connect faith to daily life. So to answer that longing, I began to teach the Bible storying…

Topics Include:

Experiential Worship/ Cross+Gen Worship

One Story Integrated Approach to Growing Faith (Chapter 10 in Let’s Kill Sunday School (before it kills the church)! by Rich Melheim & Friends) and a chapter coming out in 2020 from the Intergenate Conference

The Power of Story/ Storytelling Faith

Cross+Generational Ministries & FAITH5

Church Growth & Story Evangelism

Generosity Project of the ELCA

Workshop Speaker:

  • 2023: Storytelling the Season (January) ELCA Youth Extravaganza (February); Kids in Worship Webinar (May)
  • 2022: ELCA Youth Extravaganza (February); Liturgical Artist and Guest Storyteller for La Crosse Area Synod; Storytelling the Season (March, August, October); ELCA Innovation Lab on Telling Your Story (October)
  • 2021: PANDEMIC
  • 2020: ELCA Youth Extravaganza (February); St Paul Synod Toolkit (February); Eastern North Dakato Synod (March);
  • 2019: Shepherd of the Hills (January); Southwestern MN Synod (February); Southeastern MN Synod (May); Intergenerate Conference (May); Luther Seminary (June/ November); Glocal ELCA Event (September)
  • 2018: Diamond Lake Lutheran Church (storytelling), Gethsemane Lutheran Church (cross+gen), Lakeview Lutheran Church (storytelling), Southwest Minnesota Synod Event on Generosity, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (August), Southwest Minnesota Synod CYF event (September), Cross+Gen Conference (October)
  • 2017: The Craft of Preaching (storytelling & preaching), ConNext Event (storytelling & preaching), Narrative Lectionary Workdays (storytelling), Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (consulting).
  • 2016: Narrative Lectionary Workdays (storytelling) & Rethinking Sunday Morning (storyteller) at Luther Seminary, Roseville Lutheran Church (one story approach), Kairos Class at Luther Seminary
  • 2015: Cross+Gen Conference (storytelling), ELCA Youth Extravaganza (one story approach), Roseville Lutheran Church (consulting), Peace Lutheran Church (consulting), Zumbro Lutheran Church (consulting).


“Nobody does a better job at telling the biblical story and stories to children. If you want to hear the story told and also learn how to tell the story to kids, there is one name to know: Heather Roth Johnson.” – Rev. Dr. Rolf Jacobson, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN.

“Heather has a magical way of involving, immersing, and engaging bodies, minds, and hearts in the core of Bible stories. – Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim

“Heather was able to engage toddlers through eighty year olds with her interactive FAITH5 presentation. People moved, they talked, they prayed and they blessed each other all while learning how they could use FAITH5 in their household. Heather did everything we wanted and more!” – Tiphanie Dirnberger, Director of Children’s Ministries at Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Hopkins, MN

“Heather helped us name and claim our stories through woven stick art for all ages. Sticks were collected to make a bigger cross within the Lenten season so that our congregation could see the transformation through our brokenness and individuality that builds into something that is renewed and forgiven in Jesus. I would highly recommend working with Heather as she brings energy and passion and sees how Jesus is embedded in our core fabric of faith.”  – Rachel Holsten, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry at Diamond Lake Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN


Free! Phone calls, coffee dates, skype sessions.

Workshops, church experiences, preaching, storytelling events, consulting fees are negotiable.

Any questions? Just ask! Please contact me at heatherrothjohnson@gmail.com