Cafeteria Confirmation

What is Cafeteria Confirmation? The lunchroom table is where the action at school happens. It’s the time when students can check in with the friends, eat some grub, and make conversation. Cafeteria Confirmation is an ala carte menu for helping students build faith, community, and identity. We want our students to have a resilient faith and feed them what they hunger for…food for the body and food for the soul!

What does each session have to offer? Since it is COVID, we wanted to create material that can be used online or in-person, or simple enough for a parent to use. Each session connects a yummy food to a biblical word with a homemade video, there are games, questions, a Bible opener, and take out – which is all about carrying the food home to digest. Plus it’s free curriculum! Check it out:

Session 1 – Breathe like Whip Cream. Breathing is essential to life. We inhale and exhale. It’s moves in and out so smooth. Breathing is light and airy as whip cream! Written by Julie Klock at St Peter’s Lutheran Church in Northfield, MN.

Session 2 – Abide like Spaghetti. Noodles are smothered, covered and abide in a red sauce all tangled up together. So no matter how noodlely life gets, you can eat spaghetti and be reminded that God’s love smothers, covers and abides in you. Written by Pastor Krista Zimmerman at Mt Pleasant Lutheran Church in Racine, WI.

Session 3 – Love like Chicken Noodle Soup. Nothing says love (especially when you are sick) like a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It’s made by people who love you just the way you are. Written by Nicole Meyer at Phiney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle, WA.

Session 4 – Connect like Hot Chocolate.  Let’s meet at the coffee shop and connect! Hot Chocolate for you, and coffee for me, and together, let’s share our faith. Written by Michelle Basner-Ketepa, ministry coach and consultant.

Session 5 – Baptism like Lemonade. In our baptisms, God claims us as children of God. It’s like turning water into lemonade, baptism is refreshing and sweet. Written by Andrea Keene at Gran-Park-Rollag Parish in Hawley, MN.

Session 6 – Dwell like Chocolate Chip Cookies. Deep dwelling in living in God’s word requires something sweet. Why? Because it is hard work but the reward is great, like a chocolate chip cookie. Written by Pastor Suzi Orlopp at Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo, MN.

Session 7 – Independence like Ice Cream Sundae. We all search to be independent. But it takes baby steps, and something sweet along the way. Life in faith is more than three easy steps. It’s for a life time, so sugar up! Written by Darcy Youngstrom at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN.

Session 8 – Peace like Muffins. How do you like your muffins or corn bread? Hot? Buttered? Next day? Either way, when we take time to bake, it calms our soul and gives us peace. Written by Pastor Jennifer Thul at Resurrection Lutheran Church in St Joseph, MN.

Session 9 – Justice like Apple Crisp. When life is unfair it’s like a rotten apple. We all desire to be treated fairly and when we see rotten apples we are called to stand up for justice. Written by Heather Greenley at Central Lutheran Church in Edgerton, WI.

A big thanks to the contributing writers that met diligently all summer, to Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo, MN for editing the videos, and a shoutout to Allison Shearouse for her detailed layout and slides design.

For more information about this project, please send an email to Thanks!

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