Trunk or Treat – Covid Style

Covid-19 might has changed the way we do ministry, but it hasn’t stopped it. At St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN, we have Sidewalk Sunday School, outdoor classroom and bonfires for confirmation, parking lot services, Pet Blessing and now, looking at Trunk or Treat.

Of course, we have Covid procedures to keep everyone safe, and instructions for decorating and parking cars. Check it out:

Amanda Boe, St John’s CYF Director, has put together the details for Trunk or Treat for Sunday, October 25 from 4-5 pm. Now, St John’s is in Minnesota, and who knows maybe we will get snow flurries. If that’s the case, people will bundle up! If it is raining then onto the following weekend or cancelled. Trunk or Treat is an outdoor event, and the building will be closed. Masks and gloves are a must. So what will the kids do?

Costume Parade: In the no-car safety zone, families will gather while kids line up 6 feet apart on the sidewalk. An “x” on the sidewalk will mark where kids should form a line. Each costumed kid will have their name announced and their costume! It will be a parade for the families. Of course, we will cheer!

Trunk or Treat: There are 2 options to collect candy from trunks. The trunk or treaters can visit each decorated car, and the volunteer will use a bucket on a pole to serve the candy to each family, or the kids can visit the trunks and at the end receive a pre-made bag of candy. It’s a family decision on which one works best for them.

We collect offering at our parking lot service with a bucket on a 6 ft. pole. That’s how we will be serving up candy this year, too!

Donate Food: To vote for the best decorated trunk, kids are invited to bring a food donation for the local food shelf and place it in front of the trunk they like best. The trunk with the most food donations wins. Depending on how many non-perishable food donations they bring, kids can vote for more than one trunk.

This trunk was a seek and find puppy! Once the kids found the puppy, then they got a piece of candy.

For more information, check out this page. As with anything Covid, plans can change. Enjoy planning your fall festivities at your church. As always, drop a comment below on what your church is doing.

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