Pet Blessing

People love their pets – fish, guinea pigs, dogs and cats. Just looking at some statistics from 2017,  there are around 95 million cat owners and 90 million dog owners in the USA. Animal lovers feel that their dog, or cat, or whatever pet is part of the family. We love them, and Saint Francis of Assisi did, too.

Sunday, October 4 is the feast day of  Saint Francis of Assisi! Churches around the world will celebrate the blessing of pets and prayers for creation. At St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN we will have the Barking Lot Cafe – A Pet Blessing outside.

First, check out this:  COVID 19 Pet Blessing – Protocol Final!

  1. Registration: No registration needed for this event. As families come into the parking lot, a traffic director will help them park. People who want a curbside blessing will park on the side, and those wishing a sidewalk blessing will park in the middle
  2. 91.9 Radio Liturgy: At St John’s, we do Radio Church. People stay in their cars, and an usher greets them with a bulletin: Pet Blessing Liturgy. In their cars, people tune and join in the liturgy on station 91.9 FM.
  3. Two Blessing Types:
    • Curbside Blessing at the “Barking Lot Café.” Cars follow the traffic guides for curbside blessing. Participants and blessers are masked, and animals are accessible through car window.
    • Sidewalk Blessing at the “Barking Lot Café.”Cars are parked and pets must be on a leash or in carriers, and animals must be kept under control.
  4. X marks the spot: As people exit theirs cars masked, they find a spot on the sidewalk. X’s will be marked out every 6 feet for the sidewalk blessing.


5. Blessing: Pet Blessing by Pet Blessers from Canticle of Creation by St Francis  of Assisi. Blessers give out treats to animals that can have a treat!

Pet Blessing will happen if there is sun, rain, or shine! Treats are approved by a vet through the congregation. If you have any questions, please email me at

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