I love writing devotional material especially for families. Last year, we created “Story in a Bottle”, and a few years before that was “Mason Jar Devos.” Thanks to a Facebook post I put out a few weeks ago, I was able to put together new summer devotions for families called SPARK YOUR FAITH.

Here are the instructions:

“After a summer  meal, choose an activity from your box to SPARK YOUR FAITH. Each letter in SPARK is a different activity: S is for Story, P is for Pause, A is for Activate Faith, R is for Remember, and K is for Kindness Act. There are mints to ensure that you have fresh breath after dinner! The great thing is you can take your cards and mints with you on vacation, to the cabin, or at home! So go and SPARK YOUR FAITH!”

Contents of the box include 12 cards of stories, prayers, faith activities, Bible memory verses, and acts of kindness. That’s 60 cards in all. Each family gets one box. Below are the sheets for SPARK! (Thanks Whitney Stofflet for the layout design!)

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