Mason Jar Devotions

Now what – Post-resurrection. What do we want our households to do with this new fresh faith? Children, youth and families at Good Shepherd are doing a couple of things to stretch our faith legs:

We just started an Easter FAITH5 season together during the education hour (really 45 minutes). People of all ages gather to SHARE their highs and lows, READ God’s story (Narrative Lectionary Texts), TALK about God’s story as our own, PRAY together, and BLESS each other. (Thanks Rich Melheim for FAITH5!) We also threw in a service project each week until Pentecost!

But I believe church, in one definition, is the place where people can play, pray, and practice faith. It’s time we spend together to be equipped to share our faith with a world in need – or in this case, to help households pass on faith and engage in God’s story as our own.

This Sunday, we will add a take-home piece to do just that with Mason Jar Devos. Each household will receive a Mason Jar with a month’s worth of devotions.

The devos run from this Sunday to Pentecost, and they are set up to engage FAITH5 easily at home. Together, families will Share, Read, Talk, Pray, and Bless each other not only at church but now at home. They will mimic the model we do at church. It’s a win-win situation!


(As you read the instructions, we still call it Sunday School, and that is just fine.) But what I love about these jars is that they go anywhere. Households can do the devotions in the car, at dinner or breakfast or before bed:

Feel free to use the download to encourage your households to engage in faith together at home. They’ll be amazed how God will show up in their conversations. It’s a great way to stretch the faith legs.



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