Story in a Bottle

When my kids were little, we were big into summer reading programs. The libraries here in St Paul, MN had a summer reading program, and the prize was a ticket to the MN State Fair (that’s a big thing here!) But they also participated in the summer reading program with Barnes and Nobles (got a free book!) and Half Price Books ($5 gift card!). Total believer in Summer Reading Programs!

Story in a Bible is a Summer Bible Reading Program for kids preschool to 2nd grade. On May 15, Bethlehem’s last Sunday for the program year, kids will make these bottles filled with 10 different items and rice. The items represent things from the Bible story, and the rice turns the bottled items into a seek-and-find.

The Summer Reading is a simple 5 step process:

1. Find the item in the bottle. We used something like these test tube like bottles.

2. Read the Bible story using the Spark Story Bible or regular Bible.

3. Answer the questions – these connect the item to the Bible story.

4. Pray! Don’t forget to pray!

5. Do a go, or find, or look activity.

Kids can add a sticker to the chart (stickers included). Once the sheet is complete, they can return it to the church office or me for a $5 Dairy Queen gift card. Sure fun to make, and who doesn’t love reading in the summer?

Thanks Ann Masica for your help with layout!

9 thoughts on “Story in a Bottle

    • Hi Jenny. The hands are like an Oriental Trading thing and the people are just two little people stickers pressed together.


    • I found “people” by looking for miniatures. I was not able to get hands. I just made it say “look at your hands “


      • Sorry! I just saw these comments! I wasn’t much help but looks like you figured out something else! Hooray


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