Let’s Pray Croquet!

Let’s Pray Croquet! is a  Faith Formation summer lawn game. This is not your average game of Croquet. It’s a mix of plastic bouncy balls, prayerful wickets, and traditional mallets. That’s all you need!

How to play:

1: Read these instructions! (See downloadables below)

IMG_0316 (1)

2: Each person should choose one ball and one mallet. The starting order is from youngest to oldest.

IMG_0317 (1)

3: Scout out the figure eight pattern of the wickets so you know where you are going. There are 8 wickets with prayers on them. Note: The best way to hit the ball is to swing mallet in between legs towards ball. This way it will go straight.


4: The first player places their ball at the beginning of the first wicket and hits the ball


5: If the ball makes it successfully through the wicket, then that person does the prayer activity. Then, the next person goes, and so on. Here is a sample prayer:


6: Ball must move to the next wicket by hitting it successfully. The ball can only move by mallet hits. No one can pick up and move a ball. If the ball does not successfully make it through the wicket, the person must wait to do the prayer activity.

7: If the next person hits another person’s ball through the wicket, that does not count. Each person must successfully get their ball through each wicket and do each prayer.

8: If the ball of one hits the ball of another, that player gets an extra shot.

9: Proceed through all 8 wickets and prayer activities. Whoever finishes first, wins!

10: You can play either day or night!

Simple rules for all ages to play! Here are the downloadable instructions: COVID Procedures for Let’s Pray Croquet!, Let’s Pray Croquet Rules, Wicket Prayers

Special thanks to Dan Brown, wicket specialist and to the Jacobson family for modeling the game.

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