Would You Rather Be…?

Each Sunday at St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN, we do “Zoom in with Coffee!” One day, we asked each other “What Bible character do you identify with or not?” When someone answered with “Some days I am Mary; and other days I am Martha.” This, of course, has turned into a summer sermon series of  “Would you rather be…?
Question #1: Is blood thicker than friendship? James, the bother of Jesus, was an early leader of the Jerusalem church, and Peter, Jesus’ best friend, was the rock on which the church is built on. “Would You Rather Be…Peter or James?
Text: Mark 6:1-6; Matthew 16:13-18
Hymn of the Day: “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”
Question #2: Sister rivalry? Jesus has good friends in Mary, Martha and Lazarus. When Jesus came for a visit, one sister runs around cleaning and cooking, and the other sits at his feet hanging on to Jesus’ every word. “Would You Rather Be..Mary or Martha?”
Text: Psalm 116:1-2; Luke 10:38-42
Hymn of the Day: “Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart”
Question #3: In Revelation, John wrote seven letters to seven churches, including the churches found in Ephesus and Laodicea. Both churches had issues that needed to be addressed as one tended to separate truth from love and the other expressed a lukewarm faith.“Would You Rather Be…Ephesus or Laodicea?”
Text: Revelation 2:1-7, 3:14-22
Hymn of the Day:  “Rise Up, O Saints of God”
Question #4 Three Hebrew friends are tossed into a fiery furnace because of their refusal to worship the Babylonian king. They would only worship the one true God, a reflection in their original Hebrew names. What were their real names, and why were their names changed? Would You Rather Be…Shadrach, Meshach, or Abednego?”
Text: Daniel 3:8-30; John 11:38-44
Hymn of the Day:  “Will You Come and Follow Me?”
Question #5: There was a father who had two sons, and when they grew up, the two went different ways. Their lives twisted, and turned, and each needed an equal amount of forgiveness.“Would You Rather Be..the Younger Son or the Older Son?”
Text: Psalm 71:5-6,14; Luke 15:11-32
Hymn of the Day:  “Amazing Grace”
Question #6: Two midwives are faced with life and death deliveries. Pharaoh wanted all male Hebrew babies killed after birth. But this mother-daughter duo worked together to prevent genocide. “Would You Rather Be…Shiphrah or Puah?”
Text: Psalm 22:9-11; Exodus 1:15-21
Hymn of the Day: “Children of the Heavenly Father”

2 thoughts on “Would You Rather Be…?

  1. I love the creative freedom you guys have to reframe a bunch of stories and characters like this for a new question.

    Blessings as you serve Jesus kingdom.



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