Home on a Rock

With everything that is going on in the world, parents and caregivers want to provide their kids with a safe and secure home. Families from different churches have asked me for a resource to help edify their homes. Interesting request, right?! When I asked what they needed, some said scripture and others said prayer, but all said something tangible! Below is a resource to do just that – help families edify their homes and their souls with scripture, prayer and rocks. Here is what we did:

Step 1: Family Letter 

We said something like this: Boy! We sure have been thinking about you all. The year 2020 has had some really great days and some not-so-good ones with COVID 19, riots, and quarantine life. Of course, this has had an impact on our well-being as normal life has a new definition: we wear masks, 24/7 news coverage about those not-so-good days, and playdates on zoom! Fear and worry can creep into our daily lives as we strive to keep our families and loved ones safe.

Jesus taught us through a parable to build our homes on the rock of God (Luke 6:46-49 or Matthew 7:24-27). The attached lesson provides you a story sheet on that parable and about edifying your home on the rock of God’s promises of peace, hope, faith and love. Our hope is that you will surround your home and edify your soul towards Jesus and his hope, faith, peace and love for us. If you didn’t get this during the parking lot holy communion, please check your inbox!

The psalmist writes in Psalm 18 that “…my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” May your home be strengthened this summer by standing on the rock of God’s love, peace, faith and hope.

If you want to use or edit to use the Home on a rock – Family letter, feel free.

Step 2: Create Instruction Sheet


Here is the instruction sheet as a PDF: Home on a rock – instructions

Step 3: Assemble Kits

Ours included the family letter, instructions, story page sheet on “Home on a Rock,” and rocks.


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