Celebrating Baptismal Birthdays

This year, I have been trying to reconnect with our families of littles. We have started the Itty Bitty Book Club, and now have added Itty Bitty Get-Togethers. We have reopened the nursery and have two prayer ground options: one in the sanctuary and one in an adjacent room.

Now, we have added celebrating baptismal birthdays! On average, we do anywhere between 2-5 baptisms a month at Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities in Minneapolis, MN. To celebrate the one year baptismal birthdays, here is what we do:

Step 1: Around the middle of the month, I email the families to let them know that I will be stopping by their house. Most parents are working, but sometimes we get a parent or caregiver at home. The point is to connect either in person, over the phone, or email.

Step 2: We add a little sign to the yard that says “Happy Baptismal Birthday __________!”

Step 3: We leave this baptismal book on the front door along with a sheet on how to celebrate their kiddo’s baptismal birthday!

Step 4: Parents send me a photo back with their sign. It’s so sweet!

It’s really sweet! Super easy way to reconnect with young families.

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