Lent: Building with Jesus

Ash Wednesday is right around the corner! For the families who can make it to Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities, we have a 5:45 pm Ash Wednesday Family Blessing service. It’s sweet as families come forward to put ashes on each other, hear the words they are dust, and then snuggle up together to receive a blessing. Below is the bulletin from 2020.

The families that are there will then receive a take home kit similar to the one below. (The beads and ashes-to-go are for families who will be pick up their building kit early and will attend the service via live stream.)

Lent: Build with Jesus!

The kit includes:

A bag to reuse for March Food Drive!

40 Days to Pray: scratch off sticker prayers.

A bag of building bricks. (Careful what you name things with trademarks!)

Lent: Building with Jesus Devotional that goes with the building bricks.

Super simple and sweet! What will you be doing for lent?

One thought on “Lent: Building with Jesus

  1. Thank you so much Pastor Heather Roth Johnson. You have the most wonderful ideas! We will be using your Lent ideas at First Presbyterian church here in Cranbury, New Jersey!


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