Advent Kits for Families

Yes! So many fun things you can do with families during Advent. But I like to mimic what is happening at church and help families create new traditions at home. Lighting advent candles is done at church each Sunday in Advent. So if we can do that in church, we can do that at home! (Under supervision, of course!)

This year, my congregation is hosting an Advent Drive Thru! Yes, we have in person worship and something called ECHO for kids, but there is still a pandemic, and so not everyone is in the building. Families in person and at the drive thru will receive the same the same Advent supplies.

Each family will receive a gift bag to color that will have in it this devotional, the Advent Candle Mat with 4 blue candles & 1 white candle, and a set of nativity finger puppets.




Here is a sample of what the nativity finger puppets look like. I used this Etsy pattern. It was a $5.85 download.

DECEMBER “Fridge Notes” CALENDAR – just in case you are interested!

Happy Advent!

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