Holy Week Playing Cards

Games are all the rage since quarantine. Board games, puzzles, and card sets are a part of daily life for many. Since games are one way for families, grandkids with grandparents, or friend pods can connect, why not have “Game-On” lent? So, here are all the pieces:

Game-On Devotional (Written by pastors, youth directors, educators, and parents from around the USA)

Forgiven Board Game (A board game similar to Sorry! and Parchesi!)

Given For You – A Journey with Jesus Play Card Set

You can play matching, Old Cross (Old Maid), or Go Fish! You could play Hedbanz to get creative with them, or use the cards to put the Holy Week story in order.

Thanks to a special grant from the Bethlehem Foundation connected with Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities in production costs. Thank you to Artist Jordan Kammer Mesenbourg for the illustrations and to Karen Walhof for the layout and design. Happy Lent!

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