Forgiven Game

Since in quarantine, games and puzzles have been the rage for caregivers with kids, family pods, and friend circles. Like at most churches, Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities is gearing up for Lent and plans to do an Ash Wednesday, Drive Thru event with ashes-to-go, Holy Communion sets for worship online, a Game On! Devotions for Lent (coming soon), a Holy Week card set (coming soon), and New! The Forgiven Game.

Instructions and Explanations: Forgiven is a Sorry-Parchisi-ish type game. The object of the game is to get all 4 pawns from start, through the holy zone, and home. Somewhere along the way, a player might have to be forgiven!

Game Board: Both games boards are below. The downloads are high resolution and can be printed on a 11×17 piece of paper. The two boards match the pawns purchased here.

Playing Cards. There are no dice with this game. Instead cards are used in moving pawns forward or backwards. In preparing a game set, each game should come with 44 playing cards numbered 1-12 and 5 forgiven cards. The cards that can be printed on an 8.5×11, and there is an explanation sheet on how to use the cards, if needed.

The goal is to get families and friends connected in faith around what they are already doing, games! If you use this game, please let me know in the comments. Any questions? Just ask!

This game was created by Janette Reeves, Meg Sander, Deanna Kim Bassett, Karen Williams, MaryKaye Ashley, Jess Felici, and Heather Roth Johnson. Logo, design and layout by Karen Walhof.

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