Keeping Christmas

On December 14, 2020, my position will change from pastor of faith formation at St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN to pastor of family ministry at Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities in Minneapolis, MN. It’s a new call from one beautiful space and people to another.

Since it will be mid-Advent when I change calls, I wanted to share in a blog post something really great that they (along with other congregations) are doing in Keeping Christmas.

They write:

This year Christmas will be different.

“It will be different in so many ways. Many of the traditions and rituals that mark this holy season will need to be reimagined. But Christmas will still happen. Christ has come and is still coming. We are not alone. God is with us and we can point to that in creative ways this year. Below you’ll find a collection of resources, an invitation to participate in a unity event on Christmas Eve, and a letter that provides a way to think about this moment in our life as the church.

This began by two neighboring congregations talking with one another about how to do Christmas together this year, differently. We hope you find what follows helpful and would love to share this Christmas with you.”

The site contains a pastoral letter for other congregations to join in, a Silent Night Sing-A-Long, and a resource page.


  • December 24 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM

They write: “This Christmas won’t meet our expectations. Little in 2020 has. So what if we radically reoriented our expectations? What if we found a way to draw together instead of giving into the disappointment we will no doubt experience.

This Christmas we can gather together in spirit and truth and maybe even hear the Christmas story anew. We want to invite you to join Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities for a time of song, story and prayer outside.

We will begin at 6:30pm on Christmas Eve. We have tentative plans to work with Classical Minnesota Public Radio and Classical 24. Our hope is that you will be able to tune your radio to your local classical public radio station (99.5 in the Twin Cities). Step outside on your front step, light a candle and get ready to sing. Invite your neighbors.”

Following the signing of silent night, there will be a brief downloadable liturgy you can share with your family or those with whom you’ve gathered on Christmas Eve.

Open your heart and know that God is with us.”

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