Back to School Blessing

At St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN, we do Radio Church in our parking lot. It has been a great way to gather during the Pandemic. But Minnesota winters come early and last a long time! We have about 6 weeks to do as much as we can outside! Literally, we have no time to waste. From Rally Day to mid-October, the St John’s Children Youth and Family Team will (hopefully) have Total Family Sidewalk Sunday School, a Bible Blessing, Teacher Installation, First Communion, an Affirmation of Baptism service, and the Back to School Blessing all done in the comfort of cars over the radio. Maybe I will get a blog in on each of those things? But for now, here is what we will be doing for a Back to School Blessing

1) Blessing Invite: This is the best! Each Sunday in August, we are inviting people of all ages to write a Back to School blessing on a pre-addressed postcard. All they have to do is write the blessing, add a stamp, and drop into the mail box! Each postcard comes with these Back to School Blessing Postcard Instructions

IMG_0389 (1)

2) Blessing Huddle: Sunday, August 30 is our Back to School Blessing for students and educators. In the car or through our prerecorded service online, we will ask families to huddle, and do this Repeat – After – Me Blessing:

Let it be cool, to go back to school.
May God bless you in all you do.
Friends and teachers, may they help you learn.
With books and projects, Online or in person.
So huddle up, and bless each other,
as God calls us to love one another. (insert high-fives, trace the cross on each other’s foreheads or hands, hug or pat on the back)

3) Blessing Bag: Each student (preschool through 8th grade) will receive a take-home bag that includes What is a Blessing Coloring Sheet, some fun school supplies, emoji stickers (Because, why not?) and a Back Pack Key Chain supplies and instructions.

I wish everyone a great return to school – in person, hybrid or online. God is with us in it all.


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