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Maybe there are few things you never thought you would do as a pastor? But with COVID, church worship has moved out of the building. Many pastors and church workers have turned to social media to reach people through Facebook Live, YouTube, live streaming, and now, radio church. Something I as a pastor would find myself doing.

At St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN, it feels like a step back in time to have cars fill up our parking lot and turn to 91.9 FM to hear church music, preaching, and prayers. With the use of a AM/FM transmitter, our church parking lot rocks out each Sunday, and it is a blessing. Here is what we do:

Before we started, we marked the parking spaces so that the traffic team would know where to park the cars. My musical colleague made a directional map for parking to help with entering and exiting.

Pastors, set up team, communion givers, greeters, musicians, and traffic team are masked and gloved. Car participants are also wearing masks.


Before the service, we have a set up team who moves the stage, brings out the mics, and sets up communion.


Once the cars start rolling in, we have a traffic team that helps people park and greeters pass out a half page bulletin. Sunday School materials circulate on a cart from car to car.

The service itself is around 30 minutes. Here is a sample bulletin: Sunday, July 19th, 2020

At the end of the service as people exit, we have communion:

And lastly,  take an offering.


We will continue Radio Church in our parking lot well into the fall. With it, we hope to  move the first 6 weeks of ministry outside: Total Family Sidewalk Sunday School, Bible Day for K, 3rd, 5th and 7th Grade, Affirmation of Baptism Service, First Communion, and a Pet Blessing. (This, of course, depends on the Return Team’s decisions.) As those events become approved, I will share what we are doing.

10 thoughts on “Radio Church

  1. Thank you for generously sharing these resources! Congratulations and well done to you!!
    I’m curious to know about the cars during the service – do folks leave their car running throughout the service? Do they shut their cars off and then roll down windows? How did that work for you.
    Signed, a big fan of all your work!


    • Hi Mary! Thanks for your questions. We let people decide what they need to do. Some leave the AC on with the car and some turn it off and roll down the windows!


    • Hi John! We prep it with gloves and masks. One person serves to one person. For example, if I am the server and there are three people in the car, I put three wafers into only one hand, and then three small plastic chalices of wine. The person behind me holds the wine tray and another person collects the trash. No open containers in MN. Then we use hand sanitizer inbetween each car. We wear gloves and masks.


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