P.S. Season’s Greetings: A Family Devotion for the Holidays

“You’ve Got Mail!” is what comes to mind with this free holiday devotional for families. Each devotional is written as a letter based on a holiday word and how that word relates to scripture. Of course, you will find biblical words and themes like “light” or “manger,” and there are words that follow the secular Christmas like “elves” or “jingle bells” or “fruitcake.”

One of my favorite devotionals written was on the word “family.” The story involves her family, of course, a skunk and Christmas! You might want to find it right away because it is a good. But the reason I love that devo is because of who this holiday devotional is for – a family like hers and yours. So my hope for you all this holiday season from December through Epiphany, you will end your day together with a P.S. – a season’s greeting’s post script.


This Holiday Devotional is free. You can download it – PS Season’s Greetings – Family Devotional Feel free to use it digitally or print if off into a booklet. My only request is that you add your congregation’s name and state in the comments if you plan to use it!

Thank you to the forty people from around the USA shared their time writing, proofreading, drawing, publishing, and funding this resource. Contributors reside or worked in these states  including: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Utah, Texas, Nebraska, Michigan, Connecticut, Tennessee and North Dakota.

Happy Holidays!

18 thoughts on “P.S. Season’s Greetings: A Family Devotion for the Holidays

  1. Christ Lutheran Gettysburg, PA. We are having a community event in town and our church is offering a “make your own Chrismon” workshop; we’ll share a link to this devotional with each family that makes a Chrismon.


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