Worship Photogram

Teaching confirmation is one of the highlights of my week.  Confirmation students are mind-expanding – they ask great questions as well as give great answers. Because of this, we have started a new way to interact with students with a worship photogram.

What’s a worship photogram? It’s a worship photo! Using their phone or a parent’s phone, students snap a photo of when they sense or feel close to God at either Sunday morning worship or at the new contemporary service on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7 pm.

(NB: We started a new service on Wednesdays that is averaging 60 people a week and not decreasing Sunday attendance! Check out here 10.23.19 for an order of service!)

What do they do with the worship photogram? Students send the photo to worshipphotogram@gmail.com with a small paragraph answering these questions: Why did you submit this photo? Comment on what this photo means to you? What does this photo say about God? Here are a few samples:

20190922_092718 (1)

Student writes: This is the day I got my Bible. Every time I get a new Bible, I feel I am closer and closer to God. I love being at church with my Bible because I feel closer to God and God’s word. There are many things that remind me of God at church including the holy water of baptism and the cross.


Student writes: It’s the candle. Every time I am in worship, the candle is burning. I never have asked what it means, but it burns. To me, the candle shows the love God has for us and God’s love burns forever.


Student writes:  I took this photo at worship service on 9/18/2019. This is a photo of people praying. It was a good time to take a photo because people are thanking God. When I thank God, I feel closer to God in prayer.

What if the student doesn’t have access to a phone? Paper copies are always available at the welcome desk! Affirm Worship Photogram.

My role? To respond with enthusiasm and reinforce their good work! Answering their email takes 1-2 minutes, and it is a joy to do! As always, we encourage students to come to worship and to complete 12 worship photograms during the school year. So far, it’s working with the extra Wednesday night service, and it so great to see families worshiping together at St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN.

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