Prayer Paraments

Starting with Ash Wednesday, people were encouraged to write prayers through Lent. Each week, prayers around the theme of service and hunger were collected. People wrote prayers on hunger in our schools, communities, and world. People wrote prayers for changed hearts and for a love of service. People wrote prayers of love for life and each other.

So what did we do with the prayers? Prayer Paraments, of course! Each week, we gathered the prayers.

And then we sewed them together to create a new parament.

Congregants watched from week to week the prayers of the people grow – prayers of pains, sorrows, and hungers. But God promised. God promised to hear the prayers of the people. God takes our prayers and turns them into new life! Alleluia! That’s what happened on Easter. The prayers of lament were taken down and cut up into a chicken wire “Alleluia.”

This Alleluia hangs in the trees in the chancel area through the Easter season.



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