A Food Labyrinth

Church #46. March is Minnesota Food Share Month.  St. John’s Lutheran Church  in Lakeville, MN was challenged to collect 1000 food items for the local food shelf.


If the goal was met, Pastor Heather Roth Johnson and the Compassion Team would create a food labyrinth with prayer stations.  The congregation exceeded the challenge to 1200 items of food, and the food labyrinth was created on the last Sunday in March.

The path of food laid out followed the rhythm of the day – First people walked through the breakfast items, lunch stuff, dinner goodies, desserts and sweets, and with the labyrinth ending at a host of hygiene products.

Sunday School groups, individuals, and families participated as it is a self-lead activity:


As people walked the labyrinth, people added stickers to their favorite items including cereals, cookies, peanut butter, and soap.

There were 5 stations to pray for the donated breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and hygiene items. This simple was said: Dear Jesus, Bless the hands (hold up hands) Who will receive this food (hold out hands) Amen.

It was a great challenge for the church to raise that much donated food. But it was even better to see all the prayers and blessings for who the food will feed.

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