Who is My Neighbor?

Vacation Bible School is in June at Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities. VBS is offered in a variety of ways: at the Minneapolis campus, there is a regular morning session from 9-12 noon and a family-style evening session with dinner, and at the Minnetonka campus, VBS happens after worship once a month. Check it out specifics here.

We are using the themes of the VBS “Who is My Neighbor?” designed by ELCA World Hunger. While the curriculum provides a basic framework and some awesome skits with Sage and Emcee, we decided to redesign portions to stay local, eat up some of our “stock” of food, invited an artist-in-residence, included readings from the Spark Story Bible and timely children’s books, added Bible Buddy pins, and take home projects for the family to do together.

Most of it is finished; but there are still things we are figuring out but all be uploaded by June 2. You will still need to download the material, but feel free to use whatever below:

Theme Song: I’ll Do My Best

Story & Stretch Opening:

Neighborhood Meeting:

Summer Science & Bible Study:

Community Service & God Sightings: (still under construction)

Backyard Games:

Block Party Closing:

Bring it Home:

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