Spam Nativity Art

It’s true. I can say that I have been to the SPAM museum in Austin, MN. There are tours about the history of SPAM, even virtual tours, a gift shop, and cookbooks and recipes on how to prepare SPAM at home. I’m not sure though if SPAM ever thought they would be involved in art projects.

Over the last couple of years in Sunday school or confirmation, I have started using SPAM along with marshmallows and toothpicks to create nativity scenes. Art as you know is a hands-on way to help students learn, and the Christmas story is one of those stories everyone should know!

Here is what we did:

Large Group Discussion: We have a discussion about babies, and their vulnerability. Babies are totally dependent on a caretaker. They need help with eating, drinking, sheltering, bathing, and changing! So then we have to ask the question on why would God enter the world like that? Why would God risk being vulnerable? (Thanks Pastor Mark Tiede!)

Small Group Lesson: A deep dive into Luke 2:1-20, a minute to win-it game, and SPAM art directions. (Depending on how many small groups or people, divvy up the roles: Mary, Joseph, Donkey, Baby Jesus, Innkeeper, Manger, Shepherds, Sheep, Cow, Wisemen, Angels, Gifts, Stars, Camels)

Can you find all pieces to the nativity scene?

At the end, each small group or person brings their art pieces in to create a nativity scene out of SPAM, marshmallows, and toothpicks. It smells delicious and tasty, too!

One more photo just for fun because in this scene, Mary has a baby bump.

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