Pew Altar Play Kits

Yes! It’s been over one year since we have worshiped in the sanctuary at Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Twin Cities. This Sunday, it’s happening! The sanctuaries at both campuses will be reopening – slowly and methodically to keep parishioners safe. Check out here the safety protocols in place.

One thing we will do is limit movement in the sanctuary. Once households are seated, they will remain seated throughout the service. Everything will be done from their seats – holy communion, passing the peace, and storytime. To help keep little hands busy, I made Easter season – Pew Altar Play Kits!

When families check – in and get their worship resources, kids age 3-2nd grade will receive a pew altar play kit. I will also mark up a bulletin to help kids follow along with their play kit.

Each kit contains an altar-ish container, felt elements of a Holy Communion and baptism, a bendy Jesus with matching stoles of a season, a battery operated tea candle, felt Bible, Alleluia wand, and a heart face participant! In their pew, kids set up their own altar to play along, and the instruction sheet tells them what to do when: play baptism, lift up the bread or wine felt pieces during communion, shake the Alleluia wand when you hear the word “Alleluia!”, and the Lord’s Prayer in pictures.

It’s one way to bring God’s story to the seats of children and a perfect way to play “church” at home! Feel free to use the trifold, and use your imagination on how might you would make your own kits. So many possibilities!

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