Fidget Spinner Prayers

November is the month to be grateful and thankful. Many people post daily on their Facebook page, in a notebook, or through their Twitter handle on what makes them happy, or thankful, or grateful. It’s often a 30 day challenge, and ends with the big celebration of Thanksgiving.

One way to help parents, grandparents, or caregivers to start teaching gratitude to kids is through the practice of mealtime prayers. On Sunday, November 1, All Saints’ Sunday, we will offer our families a Fidget Spinner – Mealtime Prayers spin mat and a fidget spinner.

It’s really easy to use: place the fidget spinner on the designated spot on the spin mat, spin the spinner, and wherever the arrow stops, that’s the said “thankful” prayer at the meal. That’s it! Kids love fidget spinners, and kids love to pray. It’s a win-win for families.

Feel free to use the Spin Mat:

Thanks to Kelly Rowley for the idea, to Candy Nadine for the layout, and to those who offered up prayers.

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