Holy Week & Good Eats

Holy Week’s Good Eats Invitation
Jesus was always eating with followers and with the disciples in their homes. Below is a food invitation for families and households to enter Holy Week with Good Eats. Food can remind us of who we are as a church community and can be symbolic of God’s story. This Holy Week food adventure starts with pancakes or palm dip, and then to communion bread, from there to prayer pretzels, and finally to feast on Easter Sunday dinner or treats. However your families are able to join in, may they enjoy Holy Week’s Good Eats.
Palm Sunday, April 5
Pancakes! Pancakes! Palm Sunday at St John’s Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN is the usual pancake fundraiser for youth summer ministries. So we are encouraging our families to serve up some flapjacks and watch the Palm Sunday worship together at this YouTube channel.  (All our services during the pandemic can be found at this channel.)
If people are feeling really ambitious, they can make my colleague, Amanda Boe’s Palm Dip. Think Artichoke Dip but with Hearts of Palm instead! It is easy to make and really delicious. Here is the Palm Dip recipe
Maundy Thursday, April 9 
At St John’s, the Maundy Thursday service will be YouTube Live at 7 pm. Together, we will learn about the Lord’s Last Supper with the disciples and will consecrate the elements of bread and wine. Families are invited to join in the ancient practice of serving communion to each other in the home. To prepare, each household should have wine or grape juice and bread ready to go prior to the service.
IMG_1833 (1)
Families can bake holy communion bread together using this simple recipe:
Items Needed:
2 cups of white flour, you can substitute with wheat flour as well
1 tsp of baking soda
1 tsp of salt
3/4 cup of water
3 TBSP of sugar
3 TBSP of oil
In a bowl blend all ingredients well. Turn dough onto a floured surface and divide into 6 balls. Roll each ball out 1/4 inch even thickness. Use a knife to mark each loaf with a cross (+). Bake on a greased cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.
For fun: We will be hosting a communion bread bake off on Facebook Live on the St John’s Facebook page on Wednesday, April 8. Time TBD.
Good Friday, April 10 
Did you know that people used to pray with their arms crossed over their chest (kind of like the shape of a pretzel)? To pray in this way is a posture of humility and reverence for God.
As a family, make pretzel prayers for Good Friday:
1. At any grocery story, buy a package of Pillsbury Bread Sticks.
Bread stick
2. Roll out the dough and then shape it into a pretzel shape.
3. Bake in oven according to directions. While the bread is baking, cross your arms over your chest like a pretzel and pray:
God, thank you for Jesus, who died for us. Thank you for Jesus, who loves us. Thank you for Jesus who forgives us. Amen.
4. Once done baking, brush with melted butter and add salt.
5. Eat your pretzels and join in the YouTube LIVE worship at 7 pm.
Easter Sunday, April 12
As the virus keeps us in our homes, most of us will spend Easter dinner either alone or with those we live with in our households. To make this Easter dinner special, make your favorite meal together – maybe it is ham and cheesy potatoes, or something special like hot cross buns, or deviled eggs, or share in a chocolate bunny, and then watch the St John’s Easter service online. Don’t forget to call or face-time someone that might need to hear your voice on Easter Sunday. That will make the day extra special.
One last thought: Easter 2020 is one we won’t forget. But here’s the thing, no matter whether we can gather together in the church building or not, Easter will come. Nothing can stop Jesus from being raised and Easter morning coming in full glory. Thanks be to God!


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