Star Wars Prayer Stations

The other day I was looking for something from outer space to do with my confirmation students. We’ve done stump the pastor questions like “Are there aliens?” or “What is beyond Pluto?” But I don’t really have the best answers for those questions except to pray. That’s when my friend, Nicole VanderMeulen, who is the Children, Youth and Family Director at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington emailed me her Star Wars Prayer Stations. It was just what I was looking for! With some modifications, kids were invited to bring their light sabers to church that Wednesday night to help them brave these interactive and intergalactic prayer stations. In total, there are 6:

Station #1: Being Part of Something Bigger. 1 Corinthians 12 is about the spiritual gifts that every person has. Who is your favorite Star Wars character and why? What are your gifts? What are you fighting for? How can you pray about and use your gifts?

Station #2: An Elegant Weapon. Ephesians 6 is about taking up the “sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” While Jedi’s rely on a light saber, Christians lean into the Bible.  How can we pray thru the Bible?

Station #3: Sin is Real. Even good people can sin or fail or make mistakes. Pray about a time you felt broken, and give it over to God.

Station #4: Extraordinary Things Come from Unlikely Places. Tatooine is a tiny place. Bethlehem is a tiny place. Yet, big things happen in those places. At the font, remember the time when you were tiny, and pray that God will do great things in you.

Station #5: It’s Never Too Late for Forgiveness. We are all redeemed people of God! Take a glow stick (looks like a light Saber) and thank God for being the light of the world.

Station #6: That’s Rejecting. Rejection is part of life. How did the people of Tatooine handle rejection? How can we give our hurts and rejections to God? Jesus says shake the sand off and move on.

Here is the download: Star Wars Prayer Stations

Disclaimer: These prayers stations have modified over the seasons from Nicole and from me. Original work is unknown but thankful for their creativity!




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