Lenten Family Devotions 2020

Something funky happens on Transfiguration Sunday with Jesus. One moment he seems like a regular guy, and the next thing you know, he is sparkly and glowing! I love how that story spills Jesus into our daily lives to shine in us and change us forever. It’s like a creature metamorphosis!

Enjoy this creation devotional entitled Lions, and Camels, and Goats! Oh my! that starts on Transfiguration Sunday, February 23 through Easter Monday, April 13 with your household. It’s simple to do and takes 5 minutes to read the daily devotional, ask the question, and then pray. You can use this devotional while you eat dinner, lunch, or breakfast together, in the car, or before bed.

Lions, and Camels, and Goats! Oh My!  is free to use online or to download.

Cover Art

Thank you to the contributing writers, proofreaders, artists, and layout designer. They hail from Minnesota, North Dakota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Alaska, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Virginia, Alabama, West Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, Maryland in the USA, Saskatchewan, Canada, Quebec, Canada, and Hobart, Tasmania in Australia.

Happy Lent!


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