Feast on This – Lent Devotional

Welcome to Lent! We all love food and feasting around the table as a family. So while you do, use this Lenten Devotional, Feast on This: Table Talk for Families starting Ash Wednesday, March 6, through Easter Monday, April 22.

It’s simple to do and takes 5 minutes – read the daily devotional, ask the question, and then pray. You can use this devotional while you eat dinner, lunch, or breakfast together, in the car, or before bed.

Thank you to the contributing writers, proofreaders, artists, layout design, and editors. Feel free to download Feast on This – Table Talk for Families or use online.


The point is time – make time together as a family to remember who God is in your life. Happy Lent!

2 thoughts on “Feast on This – Lent Devotional

  1. As a widow I work outside my home doing elder care giving. Three others work in the same house at different times. This devotional has led me not only to pray for our newest caregiver but the recipes I chose to make and give for her family of seven. It’s been a pleasure in journey this halfway point and a most unique one at that. Thankful in heart for your collaboration.
    Life from a widow.


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