The Christmas Story Composition Advent Devotions for All Ages

Church #41. Meet Advent Devotionals available in English and Spanish. Thanks to a generous grant from the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd – Foundation located in south Minneapolis, MN,  there are free Advent – Christmas – Epiphany Devotions for all ages.

Fifty people from around the USA shared their time writing, proofreading, translating, editing, drawing, publishing, and funding this resource. States represented include: Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Washington, South Dakota, Arizona, Maryland, New Mexico, Michigan, Connecticut, New York, Georgia, and North Dakota.

One thing that I love about the devotions is how they are, as Rev. Dr. Karl Jacobson of Good Shepherd says, a “pastiche” or a weaving of Matthew’s and Luke’s version of the Christmas narrative. That’s how we get the resource’s title: The Christmas Story Composition.

The devotional is available in two languages.

English: The Christmas Composition Advent devotional


Spanish: The Christmas Composition Advent devotional Spanish (2).


These resources are free to use as a download and into print or online. My only request is that you leave a message below of your church name and location. Thanks!

35 thoughts on “The Christmas Story Composition Advent Devotions for All Ages

  1. First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Taylors Falls, MN Will be sharing them with community for an Advent preparation day for the community, Getting Ready for Jesus. (Mary Kaye Ashley)

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  2. Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Dassel, MN
    Looking to see if we can build our Advent Worships around these, and use to promote through online resources to others in our community about the Love of Christ for all.

    Thank You for your work on this, and offering for other to use.
    Blessings & Grace,
    Paula Roling
    Youth & Family Director Coordinator

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