Lent 2018 – Free Kid Devotionals

Lent 2018

Don’t Forget to Pray (before sleeping, eating, or flushing)!

Welcome to Lent – a time to prepare our hearts and minds to hear the stories of Holy Week and Easter. To help kids enter into the spiritual discipline of devotions, 50 church workers, parents and pastors from across the USA came together to write a free Lenten Devotional for kids and their families.

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How does it work?

Print the Devotional booklet here. Use it digitally or feel free to print to create a booklet.

Each day between Ash Wednesday, February 14, and Easter Monday, April 2, kids and their families are invited to read one devotional per day. Each devotional focuses on one word, one Bible verse, one paragraph, one question and one prayer. They are fast, easy, and inspirational. Happy Reading! Happy Lent!

Please contact to Heather Roth Johnson at 612-927-8849 or heatherrothjohnson@gmail.com with any questions. I would love to hear from you!

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